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MCC Makes the MV News in Spiwak's Column

Posted by June Bartram Fitzpatrick on October 25, 2013 at 1:20 PM

It being a harvest moon, the Mazama Community Club had a table-filling crowd at the Harvest Moon Potluck last Friday (Oct. 18). In addition to chowing down, the fiesta was also a business meeting of sorts to discuss some topics. There were informational papers on each of the tables including copies of the current bylaws prior to adopting a revised set.

There were accolades and standing ovations for Lliam Donohue and Larry McWhirter for their volunteer efforts through the year providing grunt work and beautification of the grounds.

One of the topics informally discussed had to do with how to deal with the bequest to the community center by the late Red McComb. He left close to $100,000. Apparently the money is not yet in the club coffers and won’t be until certain elements involving the Internal Revenue Service have been clarified.

A large sheet of butcher paper was hanging on the wall for attendees to note ideas about how to deal with the money and other matters.

Another topic had to do with the moving of the telephone shed at the southwest corner of the property. Apparently CenturyLink, owner of the building, has agreed to place it elsewhere, its current location being deemed an eyesore by many. The question was raised that, after it was moved to another portion of the property, what had been hidden by the wooden building would then come into view: that being the concrete outhouse on the corner. Is that an eyesore? (Depends on the eye of the beholder.)

What with new technology since the current wooden phone switching station replaced the old metal one, the new one would be no larger than the shelter structure at the mailboxes.

Bill Pope, co-owner of the Mazama Country Inn, was elected to the new board of directors of the community club.

The monthly movie night instituted earlier in the year by June Fitzpatrick is now open to “hosting” by anyone who has a show they feel would be enjoyed by the club members, including kids. A family affair. June noted that she would be happy to help with flyers and announcements. The host would pick the flick, paid for by the community club, help make the free popcorn, and other casual operations, probably including setting up the seats.


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