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MCC Makes the MV News in Spiwak's Column Again!

Posted by June Bartram Fitzpatrick on February 24, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Over many years we have noted what we call “Brushes With Stardom,” wherein rather than meeting a famous person directly, one has had contact with somebody who has had such an encounter.

I am ashamed to note that it has taken this long to proclaim a brush with stardom, so close that I did not make the connection. He is reading this right now and he with whom I brush regularly is Don Nelson, editor and publisher of this newspaper.

The star is Nelson’s brother Bob, who wrote the screenplay for the hit movie Nebraska. So it is not only from this desk, but half the valley who has had the same brush.

Don will be at a showing of the movie at the Mazama Community Club on Feb. 25 and says he’ll answer questions and comment on the flick.

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